Getting to Know Nurdan Buist REALTOR

Nurdan Buist REALTOR

What’s the best thing about Crescent City Living? Our agents, of course. If you haven’t met Nurdan already, let’s get to know her a little better. She calls the Lower Garden District home with her husband and two gorgeous pups. Nurdan enjoys exploring the vibrant personalities, colorful architectural landscape, and endless possibilities that are life in New Orleans.

Nurdan Buist REALTOR

Getting to Know Nurdan Buist REALTOR

Coffee or Tea?

I love both, but coffee first. Every day. First.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” ~ Anaiis Nin

Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest?

Mardi Gras!

Sidewalk or neutral ground side?

Sidewalk side – much easier to navigate.

Beer or wine?


Dogs or cats?

LOVE all of the dogs.

Beach or cabin?

A cabin in the hills with a roaring pot bellied stove and a sky filled with stars the size of baseballs. Sounds like good medicine to me!

Rice or potato salad in gumbo?

A small scoop of rice and a sprinkle of chopped green onion to finish.


Want to work with Nurdan? Call her at 504-503-3444,  email her, or visit her website.


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