Staging Can Take Your Vacant Home from Cold to Cool

Home Staging

Vacant houses can be the hardest to sell. It can be a challenge for buyers to know if their sofa will fit on that wall or if the bed can fit under a window or if their table will make a dining space look jam packed. Also, having some furnishings in a home gives it a warmer, more welcoming feel when a potential buyer walks through the door. It’s much easier to picture yourself living in a space that has some personal touches instead of trying to mentally picture what you can do with an empty room.

That’s why we recommend home staging for properties that have everything but the finishing touches to pull in a real, live buyer. Check out these before and after photos from a recent staging. Doesn’t the addition of just a few furnishings and accessories make a huge difference in how these rooms look?

Home staging takes your house from cold to oh-so-cool

Of course, any staging should take into account the architecture of a home and the price range that it will be in. But, in every home, adding some warmth with rugs, art, furniture and  a few finishing touches makes a huge difference in the visual appeal.

The bottom line is that more appeal = more showings = quicker sale.

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