The Advocate Has Some Work to Do

the Advocate New Orleans

The Advocate New Orleans

When the Times-Picayune announced their decision to cut back to 3 days of newspaper service, I was as outraged as all of the other New Orleanians who believe that we deserve 7 days a week of news. I saw friends lose their jobs after many, many, MANY years of service to the company and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

In response, I immediately subscribed to the Advocate New Orleans when they announced that they would be producing a daily newspaper for the metro area. After all, getting news of the Saints game 2 days later doesn’t do me a bit of good and they are running an ad campaign reminding me that “New Orleans deserves a daily paper“.

But, the promise of a daily paper has not turned out to be the reality.

The paper shows up some days and some days….nothing. It gets delivered early in the morning…or sometimes not until the afternoon.

And I’m not the only one having this issue. The poor person in charge of the Advocate’s suscription Facebook page has the patience of a saint, because loads of people are complaining every single day about no delivery, late delivery and double billing by the customer service department charged with getting it all straightened out.

I’m committed to supporting a locally run paper, but the Advocate has some serious work to do before they can really be considered a replacement for what was one of the best newspapers in the south.

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