Timing Is Everything

Fallen tree after Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac Musings

Now that we are back to as normal as we can be after Hurricane Isaac, I feel the need to get something off of my chest.

I’m aware that New Orleans is not the center of the universe to anyone who is not from here or hasn’t lived here. Crazy concept, I know, but apparently it’s true.

BUT, I don’t know of anyone who takes even a passing glance at the news or the weather that wasn’t aware of Isaac and his meandering route across Florida, through the Gulf of Mexico and right into the Gulf Coast.

So I was more than a little miffed when, in the middle of power outages and high winds, I got a couple of phone calls from telemarketers.

Call #1:  That nice little girl at Cox Cable called when my power (and cable!) was out. You’d think that a communications company would have better skills than to call a customer about new service when their existing service isn’t working. I know the call center is not in New Orleans, I know that I’m just another number in their system, but they seriously couldn’t just re-queue calls to people in the region instead of ticking them off? I was polite, but suggested that perhaps she should call back after the storm and when my cable was actually working.

Call #2:  Market Leader, a real estate services company, called trying to sell me one of their products. Fortunately for whoever that rep is, my cell service was spotty. But hearing that ingratiatingly cheerful person on my voice mail when I had tree limbs down in my yard, no lights, no AC and only a radio to know what was going on in my community….it just rubbed me the wrong way and left me ticked off at what I took as ignorance of what’s going on with their potential customers. Again, how hard is it to take a look at your call list and say “Hmmmm….there’s a storm down there. One big enough to have its own name. Maybe this isn’t the best time to call and try to sell Lisa something”?

Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but timing is everything. And theirs needs work. </rant>

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