Why Are So Many New Orleans Porch Ceilings Blue?

Blue porch ceilings in New Orleans

Blue Porch Ceilings

Have you ever noticed that many New Orleans porch ceilings are painted blue?

There are several reasons why an owner might choose blue

  • Some just like the feeling of extending the blue sky onto their porch
  • Some believe that birds and wasps won’t build nests because blue tricks them into believing the ceiling is the sky
  • Some subscribe to the old African belief that blue ceilings and doors keep ghosts away

No matter what you believe, I bet you’ll notice blue porch ceilings now.

New Orleans Homes with Porches

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  1. jonhardison says:

    LOL! I didn’t know that, and would never have thought of it. Very cool idea though. Are there any with clouds painted on too?

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve never seen one with clouds, but that would be cool!

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