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Lakeview New Orleans Home Sales – 2012

Lakeview ended 2012 on a high note, with both an increase in the number of homes sold and in the average sale prices in the neighborhood.

The average home sold in Lakeview in 2012 had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2357 square feet and a final sales price of $344,318 or $147.89 per square foot. Average sale prices increased by 8.81% in 2012. The most expensive home sold was $1,151,500, up 41% from the 2011 high sale price of $815,000.

Average Lakeview Home Prices, New Orleans LA


Price per square foot increased as well. The average in 2011 was $132 per square foot. It increased over 12% in 2012, ending the year with an average sale price of $148 per square foot.

Average price per square foot in Lakeview, New Orleans LA

Is Lakeview Experiencing a Seller’s Market?

It sure seems to be. More homes are selling faster and for higher amounts than the year before. An amazing 45% of home sales in Lakeview in 2012 happened in less than 30 days. The fact that the good houses go fast is even more evidenced by the 30% of sales that occurred in 10 days or less. Buyers who are interested in purchasing in the area can’t sit around and wait when they see a home they like or it may not be there when they are ready to make an offer.

Average days on market for real estate, Lakeview, New Orleans LA


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