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Architecture in New Orleans | Double Gallery Townhouse

Double gallery townhouse style home in Uptown New Orleans

The architecture in New Orleans offers a wide variety of choices, including the Townhouse style. It’s not what you might think of when hearing the word “townhouse”, because it’s actually a single family home.

Townhouse Architecture in New Orleans


The Townhouse building type, or some variation thereof, is a very common type in urban areas, because its vertical massing and long, narrow footprint makes efficient use of land. The townhouse in New Orleans appeared first in its Creole form in the late colonial period, but the basic type remained popular for the better part of a century and has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. The Townhouse building type is a 2‐  to 3‐story, 2 room deep building with distinctly vertical massing, a side gabled or hipped roof, and a long, narrow footprint oriented to the street. Read more about townhouse styles here

This style of home, with the double galleries (porch and balcony), is one of my favorites in the entire city. The lure of sitting in a chair and watching the world go by has a huge attraction for me!

Unfortunately, most agents don’t properly classify this type of architecture in the MLS, so doing a custom search can be a challenge. Keep your eye out while driving around the city, because there are many more of these homes available than what you see below.

Townhouse Style Homes for Sale in New Orleans

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