Gentilly Woods Real Estate Update

Gentilly Woods Real Estate

gentilly woods real estate market update

Just south of Pontchartrain Park, Gentilly Woods has historically been one of those overlooked neighborhoods. It’s not being overlooked anymore.

Builders have found that building new homes and/or buying and flipping in this affordable neighborhood can be quite profitable and the increase in sales and prices definitely reflect this.

We compared January through April of 2018 to the same time frame in 2019. Surprisingly, median sold prices haven’t increased much. We expect that to change as more new construction becomes available.

What else are we watching? Those average days to sell numbers as new and renovated homes are moving quickly. However, property in average condition is taking longer to sell and skewing the stats.

Our prediction for Gentilly Woods

As home prices in the rest of Gentilly continue to rise, we’re going to see that spill over into Gentilly Woods. As long as prices stay below $200,000, we could sell these homes all day long!

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