Welcome Rose Ardekani REALTOR to CCL

Rose Ardekani Joins Crescent City Living

rose ardekani realtor

Nothing makes us do a little dance faster than adding a sparkly new agent to our roster.

Rose Ardekani has joined the ranks of Crescent City Living and we’re excited to watch her turn her background in construction and property investments into a thriving real estate business.

Rose is a New Orleans native, so she knows what you mean when you ask, “where did you go to school?” Before becoming a licensed real estate agent, she gained several years of experience working for a local construction company. She later began her own property investment company, so she’s not afraid to take you into those rehab homes. Rose lives in Lakeview with her two snakes and loves being a part of the New Orleans Tidal Wave Dance Team. Her favorite indulgences are true reflections of New Orleans cuisine, whether that is a decadent meal with a well-paired wine or finding a hole in the wall serving food that tastes better than your momma’s cooking.

You can find Rose online here and here. Stay tuned to see what she does next!

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