Map of New Orleans Schools

New Orleans Schools

If you are new to New Orleans, your entire practice of searching for homes and neighborhoods by school district will more than likely be turned upside down.¬†Because the majority of New Orleans schools are charter schools, there are no district boundaries that tell you “if you live here, your child will go to school there”.¬†Instead, there’s a confusing application process for public schools or an admissions process for private and Catholic schools.

Despite the improvements in the local school system, there is still some hesitation from new comers about raising their children here without spending thousands of dollars each year in tuition.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal provided this graphic of New Orleans schools and their report card grades.

new orleans schools map

Click this map to see the results

Finding the right school for your children is always an important part of the where-will-we-live equation. Hopefully this information will allow you to find the right NOLA neighborhood for you and your family.

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