Single Story New Orleans Homes

single story new orleans homes

Single Story New Orleans Homes

Not everyone wants a 2 story home. Lucky for them, single story New Orleans homes are the norm. Some single story homes are built on slabs, for those that don’t want to deal with stairs at all. Raised homes are very prevalent in the city proper, so be prepared for the possibility of a few steps to climb before entering the front door.

All of them spread your space out across one floor, which has pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Aging in place is easy with a single story, with reduced risk of falls from stairs
  • Easier outdoor maintenance of gutters and eaves
  • Combined spaces can be very flexible
  • Easy escape in the event of a fire
  • Heating and cooling is often more affordable

The Cons

  • Bedrooms are often easily accessible from living spaces and guests
  • The footprint takes up more space on the lot, leaving a smaller yard
  • Cooling bills in our hot summers can be high, particularly if both floors are on the same HVAC system
  • Noise can be a factor – people running around the second floor can disturb folks on the first floor

Single Story New Orleans Homes for Sale


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