Buyer Words of Advice to REALTORS® and Home Sellers

New Orleans Home selling advice

Buyer Advice to Home Sellers

Think that the finishing touches don’t matter?

Or that the photos of your home don’t have be Absolutely. Perfect.?

Or that your agent doesn’t need to help you put your best foot forward both in person and online?

Here’s a direct quote from a local home buyer:

I can’t stand when a realtor shows me a home and the beds aren’t made or, worse, when the pictures advertising the homes for sale have unmade beds.

…unmade beds, dirty dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor and too many taxidermy items around the home make me not want to live there. You don’t take the time to make your bed, do you think I believe you changed the filters on the AC?

THAT is what buyers are thinking and saying during their New Orleans home search.

Don’t let your place be the “unmade bed” house.




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