Here’s Your Sign

Real estate sign in front yard

Mixing Political and For Sale Signs

When I sold my last home (before I was an agent), the most exciting part of the process was seeing that sign go up in the front yard. I was thrilled to proclaim to the world, or at least the people driving by, that we were On. The. Market.

A yard sign is the most visible physical indicator that a home is for sale, so it should be prominently displayed for everyone to see.

Enter election season. The time of year when thousands of people proclaim their affiliation to one party, one candidate or one issue by sticking a sign or twelve in their front yard.

If your house is for sale, you might want to rethink that strategy.

Mixing political and for sale signs can be a turn off for home buyers

Some buyers are going to have extreme political beliefs. Seeing their opposition posted in your yard can make them think of you in a less than flattering light. Why give them something, ANYTHING, to focus on besides your actual house?

Your “For Sale” sign might get lost in the shuffle. I drove by a home last week that I knew was for sale. But it was hard to find the REALTOR sign in the midst of the multiple political signs sprinkled across the yard.

Unless your candidates are going to buy your house, don’t let them detract attention from your goal of moving.




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