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pre-inspections | Inspect your New Orleans Home before selling


With the market so hot in Lakeview and Uptown, buyers are getting beat out on homes in multiple offer situations. However, some of these deals are not making it past the inspection phase. Some sellers are shocked when they realize that buyers are often not willing to take on some of the eccentricities that they’ve lived with for years in a home. A lot of this shock could be avoided with pre-inspections – getting an inspection done on your home before putting it on the market.

Why do we recommend an inspection of your home before you go on the market?

Uncover any hidden defects that you may be unaware of

Most of us never do a thorough inspection of our homes and are unaware of hidden problems until a professional comes in and finds it. Hiring your own licensed inspector can save you from unwelcome surprises and the fallout from them…including the possibility of a reduced price or last sale.

Confirm that all mechanical systems are up to snuff and working properly

While we all like to believe that we just had the a/c and heat serviced “recently”, the reality is that major mechanicals are often overlooked until there is a problem. An inspector will check all of the systems, including your electrical panel, to ensure that all is as it should be.

Provide peace of mind to buyers

If a buyer knows that you are willing to provide a recent inspection report along with your disclosures, it can make them feel more comfortable making an offer on your home.

Speed up the time between an offer and closing

Not every buyer is going to accept a seller provided inspection report, but if you hire a reputable firm with a good local track record of fair inspections, the buyer’s agent is more likely to encourage the buyers to accept it in lieu of performing their own inspections. This could speed up closing by as much as 2 weeks.

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