Is Your Home Hard to Show?

New Orleans architecture

Selling your New Orleans home

Terri was setting appointments recently for several different buyers and ran across way too many homes that were hard to show. If you are selling your New Orleans home, you probably want to learn from the mistakes of others and not make your house end up at the bottom of the list because it’s too hard to show.

Here were some of the challenges she faced:

  • One property only allowed showings on Tuesdays between 4-5:15
  • Agents that did not answer their phone
  • Agents that did not call back to confirm appointments
  • Owners or agents that had to be present for every showing instead of using a lockbox

If your New Orleans home is on the market, it needs to be available for showings. Period. Not just on Tuesdays, not just when your agent can unlock the door, not just when the listing agent feels like answering their phone.

Don’t make your home hard to show or it will also be hard to sell.


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