Selling Your NOLA Home | Let Your Agent Handle the Marketing

Marketing your home for sale

Marketing Your Home for Sale

There are so many sites to choose from when marketing your home for sale.  It becomes really tempting and very easy to second guess your agent and try to “help” them out.

If you are working with Crescent City Living, please don’t.

Please don’t post to Craigslist…we’re already doing that.

And don’t post to military sites…we’re already doing that.

Don’t post to Trulia and Zillow…we’re already doing that, too (and double postings on those sites can be a nightmare to clear up).

We don’t give advice to discourage you from being actively involved in the marketing of your home. What you probably don’t know (and don’t care) is that REALTORS® have required disclosures when we advertise a property. Just putting our name and phone number is not enough. We are also required to include some specific brokerage and licensing information in any of our ads, whether they are in print or online.

Keeping the status and price of your property updated and accurate is a lot easier if it’s all handled by the same person – your agent.

If there is a particular place you would like to see your home advertised, just ask!

And our best advice….share the listing from your agent’s website. It’s the most up to date and reliable source of information on your home.



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