French Quarter

Alley in the French Quarter
  • oldest neighborhood in New Orleans
  • National Historic District
  • live music, clubs, bars
  • world renowned restaurants
  • stunning architecture
  • homes and condos
  • pocket parks

There’s so much more to the Quarter than bars and beads. The oldest New Orleans neighborhood is exactly that….a neighborhood. With over 2,600 residential households, the Quarter is not just a tourist attraction, it’s home. Over the last few years, owner occupied housing has been on the increase in the Quarter, in contrast to a declining number across the United States.

Anyone interested in living in the French Quarter should be aware that noise and parking are the most visible quality of life issues in the neighborhood. Obviously, the closer to a bar or club you live, the more likely you may experience noise issues.

PLEASE do your due diligence before purchasing a French Quarter property. It looks and sounds like a great idea when when you’re here on vacation. The reality of living in one of the highest visibility tourist attractions in the country has pros and cons. Carefully consider your options, because moving in and then complaining about a long standing live music venue will not endear you to the locals. Many French Quarter residents work close to home, so endangering their source of income won’t win you any friends.

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