New Orleans Neighborhoods | Lakeview


  • Making a strong comeback after massive damage during Hurricane Katrina
  • Majority of homes have been raised or rebuilt at a higher elevation
  • Mixed architectural styles because of the large number of new construction homes
  • Home to a booming neighborhood restaurant scene (read this for more details)
  • Located just blocks from Lake Pontchartrain

Pre-Katrina, Lakeview was home to an older population, mostly due to the high cost of homes in the area. Recently, we’ve seen a surge in demand as locals have found it to be a great solution for living in the city without living “in” the city. The result of this resurgence is values that have climbed over the last couple of years.

History of Lakeview

Adjacent to Metairie on one side and City Park on the other, residents are just minutes from the I-10 and I-610, which makes it easy to get to both the ‘burbs and downtown. The proximity to Metairie also means a huge selection of dining, shopping and entertainment options within just a few miles.

Lakeview Civic Improvement Association

GONola Guide to Lakeview



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