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I usually avoid the Quarter during Mardi Gras. The crowds are outrageous and power drinking has never been my thing, although I adore the costumes and wish I could see every one of them.

This year, I wandered down on Lundi Gras. I’d heard about the people that show up toting banners, megaphones and spend their time trying to convert passersby to their religious beliefs, but I’d never witnessed them in person.

If you haven’t seen them, this is what they look like. They are loud. They are judgmental. They are terrible spellers.

Lundi Gras 2014

But as I wandered around Bourbon, taking in the sights, there was a young man just standing quietly on the side of the street. He restored my faith in humanity with one small, handwritten sign.

Just Love

I hope your Mardi Gras was safe and fun.


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