Musings on our Recovery From Hurricane Isaac

Neighborhood clean up after Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac

Like most of the city, we were out of power for several days due to Hurricane Isaac and the relentless way he parked right on top of us and pounded away at our defenses. We are back up and running in our office, albeit with ceiling damage and a funny smell that I’m not sure I want to know the source of.

Anyway, I have a few post-storm thoughts and no place better to share them than here.

Mother Nature has a bitchy sense of humor to send us another hurricane on the anniversary of Katrina. What’s that about?

As long as you can find gas, generators keep the fridge and freezer from rotting, but don’t do a damned thing about keeping you cool when the heat index is over 100. If I ever build a house, I’ll forgo an extra bedroom in exchange for a whole house generator. As it was, I completely whimped out on Friday and left town for the weekend to visit friends that had AC, lights, a pool and cold beer.

Entergy’s state of the art power outage website is absolutely inaccurate and will never again be trusted by people who, based on that information, returned home thinking they had lights and AC only to find out they were still in the dark. And hot. To add insult to injury, some people were actually told by the call center that their power was on…while they were sitting in a dark and steamy house and knew nothing could be further from the truth. Liars seems to be the adjective that most are using to describe our only option for electricity in the area.

I have great neighbors, because everyone was out cleaning up as soon as we could after the storm passed, making the street safe to drive down and clearing gutters and storm basins so the rest of the water standing in the street could drain.

Mark Zuckerberg needs to be without power for days and have his only form of communication be a phone and a facebook app. Then he would understand the need to be able to share and tag from a mobile device.

AT&T needs to beef up their NOLA coverage, since our ability to make and receive calls and access that crappy facebook app came and went with no rhyme or reason.

The news stations and tons of local people did an excellent job of keeping us all informed via facebook and twitter. It was the best use of social media I’ve seen yet.

A big shout out to the linemen who have spent days working to restore power and continue to work on those that still are waiting for lights. Yes, I know that it’s not fast enough. Yes, I know that Entergy should have been more organized. Yes, I know that’s it’s frustrating to hear the CEO say that the response has been outstanding when there are still people suffering. That’s got nothing to do with the guys that are on the front line actually working. Give them a smile, an atta boy or a cold bottle of water and thank them. It’s the right thing to do.

Finally, I’m heart broken over the losses. The loss of lives. The loss of property. What may well be the loss of some of our residents in surrounding areas as they decide the risk is not worth the reward of rebuilding their lives in southeast Louisiana.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you begin your own recovery.

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  1. jonhardison says:

    So glad you guys are okay and that you got to take a little bit of a break from the madness. Here’s to a quick recovery for everyone!

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