Riverwalk Set to Become High End Outlet Shopping Destination

New Orleans Riverwalk

New Orleans Riverwalk

The New Orleans Riverwalk is set to undergo the first major renovation since the 1980s and it’s going to be a huge change to the local shopping landscape. While we have the market cornered on funky and fun local shopping, there’s been a gap in the presence of higher end, national retailers. ¬†That will all change in 2013, when the Riverwalk is converted to an upscale outlet center.

The list of tenants has yet to be released, but the developer has said that many of them will be opening their first Louisiana location – a coup for the city when most shopping has been relegated to the suburbs. The location puts the center in walking distance for most visitors and the ample parking between the convention center and the Hilton should make it easy for residents to get in and out as well.

This should be a great addition to the list of things to do in New Orleans.


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  1. Thom Abbott says:

    Lisa…Did you know I did my corporate training program at the New Orleans Hilton Riverside and Towers? I was a poor boy way back then and did not get to really enjoy New Orleans. Been back a couple times, but I’m certainly going to enjoy it through your eyes until I return! this is exciting news for the Riverwalk area!

    • Lisa says:

      Then you’ve been to the Riverwalk, right Thom? It attracted a lot of local shoppers when it initially opened. Now, I don’t even think about going there, so a makeover is exactly what it needs.

  2. Raven says:

    Well I hope they have an H&M I dont understand why there isnt one down here already. The south is wayyyyy behind on Fashion and Style.

  3. I wonder how this project is doing today. Can somebody give me an update?

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