Skate Park Coming to NOLA

No skateboarders allowed

New Orleans Skate Park

My #4 child is a skateboarder. He spends hours practicing flips and tricks and kicks and whatever else it is that skater boys do instead of their chemistry homework.

But, practicing in the driveway is not the same as having a full blown skate park in the city. A place to meet other kids with the same interests. A place to puff up their chests as they nail their first kick flip. A place that they know they won’t get chased away from because skateboarding is not allowed.

Up until now, there have been only impromptu, underground places for skaters in New Orleans. That’s going to change with the opening of the DEWezzy park in the Lower 9th Ward and the addition of some planned parks in the city. Hopefully, these additions don’t take as long as most any other improvement in NOLA tends to.

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