Supporting a Local Landmark

Hubig's Pies

Hubig’s Pies

By now, everyone in New Orleans knows that the factory churning out Hubig’s Pies was a total loss in the 5 alarm fire that engulfed the Marigny building last week. It was heartbreaking to watch the news footage of almost 100 firefighters trying to beat back the flames that reduced a local icon to smoldering ash in just a few hours.

What was heart lifting, though, and completely expected if you’ve been here for more than 2 minutes, was the response of the community.

Pies were sold out of stores by 9 am, before the fire was even extinguished. I know, because I drove around to about 15 markets, gas stations and convenience stores before I was able to find my own little stash. Clerks were all telling the same story: “Someone came in first thing this morning and bought every single one on the shelves”. One guy I talked to equated it to trying to find a newspaper with the Saints Super Bowl win headline back in 2010.

Local business owners have offered temporary space to the bakery until they are able to rebuild – and make no mistake, they intend to rebuild.

Want to help support them as they make a comeback?  Visit their website and order a shirt, an apron, a onesie for da baby. Oh, and stash any pies you might have left in the freezer so you can have a sweet treat now and again while we wait for their return.


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  1. So sad about the fire, but the fact that so many came forward so fast… it really validates your faith in people. Great story. Wishing them a speedy recovery, and y’all the quick return of your beloved treats. 😉

    • Lisa says:

      Today it was announced that Rouse’s, a local supermarket, has offered interim jobs to all of the displaced employees of Hubig’s. The even took into consideration that many of them are reliant on public transportation and are opening up positions on bus and streetcar lines. THAT is how NOLA pulls together. It makes me so proud.

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