Camelback Homes in New Orleans

New Orleans Camelback Homes

New Orleans Camelback Homes

What’s a camelback?

We’ve talked before about the shotgun style of New Orleans home, but there’s a variation of it that is called a camelback.

The Camelback Shotgun is essentially a Shotgun single or a Shotgun double, with a second story rising at the rear portion of the building. The second story originated as a vertical addition to increase living space, but was later built as a part of the original house.

It can be difficult to spot some of the second stories from the street, particularly if the lot is very deep and the house is set back from the sidewalk. Trust us when we say that a camelback can often hide a good deal of additional living space. They are definitely a case of there’s more than meets the eye.

New Orleans Camelback Homes – Singles


Camelback Homes in New Orleans – Doubles




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    If possible, please let me know how to obtain a copy of your magazine which includes this article on camelback homes. Thank you.

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