Bikes, Drinking, Food…What A Way to Experience New Orleans

Confederacy of Cruisers

Years ago, a group of my friends decided it would be a fantastic idea to ride our bikes from the Canal St. ferry all the way to the lake. In theory, it was a good, fun plan. The execution was a little lacking, since we made our own happy hour when we got to the Lakefront and had to call cabs to bring us and our wheels home.

We should have left it to the professionals.

The guys at Confederacy of Cruisers have one of the most highly rated tours of New Orleans – and it’s all done on bicycles. There’s a historic tour of Creole neighborhoods, a culinary tour to sample some of the best food NOLA has offer, a drinking tour for those over 21 and even a kids walking tour through the French Quarter.

From their website:

Our 3 hour tour winds through an easy 6 miles of several scenic traditionally Creole neighborhoods including the old Faubourgs Marigny and Treme and down into the friendly and colorful Bywater. As we ride, taking routes customized for each group, we explore the architecture and history of the city,  unraveling the mysteries and oddities that, when finally seen as a whole, will give you a glimpse into the heart and meaning of our unique local culture. There really is no place like New Orleans, and sharing it with you is what we love to do.

The next time we get a wild hair to bike with cocktails, these are definitely the guys I’m going to call.

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  1. Jon Hardison says:

    Oh that’s cool! I know what we’re doing when we get there. How the heck do you find this stuff? Seriously. Most fun evah…

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