What’s That NOLA Building With the Smokestacks?

View from the river of the Market Street Power Plant, New Orleans LA

Market Street Power Plant

Whether you are driving through the lower Garden District, crossing the Crescent City Connection or taking a ride on the river, you can’t miss this gorgeous example of early 1900s architecture. It’s been a part of our skyline for my entire life, but as a child I had no idea what the building was used for.

So, what is it?

It’s the iconic twin stacks of the Market Street power plant. Built in 1901, the building has been vacant since the 1980s. Plans for redevelopment were put on hold while bankruptcy proceedings were worked out by the owners. It’s been touted as the location for a Bass Pro Shop, for a movie production site, for a mix of condos and retail…none of these have come to fruition yet, but the stacks endure. Slightly the worse for wear, like our residents on Ash Wednesday, but holding her own.

See more photos of the plant

A little bit of the troubled past

Market Street Power Plant, New Orleans LA


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  1. Bonnie Gibson says:

    what is the height of the stacks?

  2. Briana says:

    Is there anyway to get a permit to take photos of the outside and inside?

    • Lisa says:

      Briana, we assume you would need permission from the owner, but there’s nothing listed on the assessor’s website.

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