Budget is Not a 4 Letter Word

new orleans home buying budget

New Orleans Home Buying Budget

It’s funny how people react when we ask about their New Orleans home buying budget. Often, it seems like they’d be happier to tell us their age or weight than to share that number. We’re here to remind you that budget is not a four letter word.

Why do you need a budget when home buying?

We’d flip the script and ask “why not have a budget?”. After all, you probably have one for most other things in your life. Groceries. Dining out. Clothing. It only makes sense to have a budget for what you’ll likely spend the most money on every month.

There’s a term we use when talking to potential home buyers. It’s called house poor.

It describes homeowners who spend so much money making their monthly mortgage payment that they’re too poor to have fun. There’s no room left in the budget for a night out or a po-boy run or a day at a festival. What good is living in New Orleans if you can’t participate in the things that make you want to call it home to begin with?

That’s where a good New Orleans REALTOR can help. It’s our job to find you a place that fits not just your wants and needs, but your budget as well. We work hard to do that every single day.

Because we know that budget is never a 4 letter word, no matter how big or how small it may be.


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