Calculating Your New Orleans Property Taxes

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New Orleans Property Taxes

New Orleans is unique in many ways and our New Orleans property taxes are no exception.  In all of the surrounding parishes, property taxes are paid in arrears.  In Orleans Parish, which makes up the entire city of New Orleans, property taxes are billed in December for the coming year – effectively, you are paying your taxes in advance.

What do you need to know about New Orleans property taxes?

  • Owner occupants are allowed to file a homestead exemption for their primary residence in New Orleans
  • Homestead exemptions are limited to one per household
  • The homestead exemption does not apply to the millages for fire and police protection, so even if your home is valued at less than $75,000, you’ll still pay a small amount of property taxes

How to calculate property taxes

It used to be there was a long, convoluted math problem that I believe even involved 2 trains leaving a station.  Now, it’s easy to estimate your taxes online at the Orleans Parish assessor’s website.  It’s only an estimate, because there are special neighborhood assessment districts, senior exemptions and other variables that may change your actual tax bill, but you’ll get pretty darned close to the real number.

Estimate your New Orleans property taxes here

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  1. Beth Benson says:

    Does square footage affect taxes?

  2. kim says:

    Hi, I am looking at possibly buying a home in N.O. and wanted to know if there is a way for me to calculate property taxes on a $70k vs $90k? I am debating to weather to stay under $70k and my max is $90k. I need to know if it would make sense to stay at my budget or go close to make max price. It is all depend on how much property tax I have to consider. Thanks!

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