Listen to Your Heart When Home Buying

listen to your heart when home buying

Listen to your heart when home buying

We often tell our home buyers that “you’ll know the right house when you see it”. And it’s absolutely true. It will speak to you. Grab you. Leave you lying awake that night, dreaming about where to place your furniture.

You’ll. Just. Know.

That’s why we always advise that you listen to your heart when home buying in New Orleans.

Not every house is perfect. As a matter of fact, there may be some properties out there that have a couple of warts. It might be a funky floor plan. Or a tiny backyard. Or a little less space than you were hoping for. And yet, it still speaks to you.

That’s an excellent place to start when you’re deciding what house to make an offer on. Choose the funky floor plan if your heart says yes. Overlook the tiny backyard if your heart says yes. Figure out how to do more with less if your heart says yes.

This will be your home. The place you return to every single day. Where you love on your pets, your friends, your family. The place you celebrate. Where you find comfort. Where you are free to be genuinely you – let that freak flag fly!

If that’s not an excellent reason to be guided by your heart, I don’t know what would be.


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