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New Orleans Floor Plans and How to Customize Them

As agents, we get to see a lot of homes. Old homes, new homes and everything in between. So, we’re used to seeing New Orleans floor plans used in unusual or innovative ways.

It’s not always that easy for home buyers to step away from tradition and picture how a space could be used differently.

For example, look at the photo above. The room is right off of the entry foyer and was designed by the builder to be a formal dining room. Lots of potential home¬†buyers would see a waste of space if they aren’t the formal dining type.

Pro tip for buyers: rooms don’t have to be used in the way the current owner is using them

Instead of a dining room, this could be an office, a playroom, a workout space or even a den.

If you’re looking at traditional shotgun floor plans, you’ll need to be even more flexible when envisioning how the space will be used. With one room right behind the other, you have lots of options in your setup, but it may include walking through bedrooms to get to other spaces.

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What’s your most imaginative re-use of a room in your house? Leave us a comment or a photo!

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