Test Your Commute Before Choosing a New Orleans Neighborhood

New Orleans commute times and traffic

New Orleans Commute Times

There’s plenty of thought that needs to go into choosing a New Orleans neighborhood when you decide to buy a home. Do you want to be close to a particular school? Your favorite watering hole? Your mama and nem? Those are all great reasons to choose a location, but something else you may want to consider is your New Orleans commute time.

We all know that close doesn’t necessarily mean fast during rush hour around here, so your mode of transportation is something that you need to take into account. If getting to work or school or happy hour quickly is important to you, here are our tips for testing commute times.

Car Travel

Do a test drive during the time you would normally be commuting. Is traffic at a standstill or flowing smoothly? Are there alternate routes you could use that would be faster? Don’t just test getting there….check out how long it would take you to get home as well at your normal quitting time.

Bus and Streetcar Travel

Public transportation can be spotty in some areas, with buses running behind and streetcars packed to the gills forcing you to wait on the next arrival. Again, test the times in both the mornings and afternoons at the same time you would normally be travelling.

PRO TIP: Don’t just time your commute once! Check it out a couple of times in both the morning and evening to be sure that it’s something you can live with day after day.


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