There’s More to Buying Than An Online Home Search – Why Use a REALTOR?

Online home search - why use a realtor

Why Use a REALTOR?

I recently read an article on LinkedIn. It was an opinion piece stating that Virtual Reality will disrupt the real estate industry, eliminating the need for professional REALTORS®. Everyone can just put on their VR goggles, take a home tour and make an offer, so why use a REALTOR?

In my opinion, what the author forgot is that finding and viewing a house is the easy part of an online home search. And the virtual view certainly isn’t a 360 degree view.

Will a virtual view let you know about neighborhood smells?

Whether it’s the irresistible scent of a local bakery or the stench of the dumpster next door, there’s no way that you’ll ever know the real ins and outs of a neighborhood without visiting it for yourself.

Will a virtual view tell you about neighbors?

Does it know about the dog next door that barks all day long? Or the house across the street that finds grass cutting to be a suggestion rather than a must do during our hot New Orleans summers?

Will a virtual view give you a feel for your daily route to and front work or school?

The location might look great on a map, but if the reality requires sitting in massive amounts of traffic, it’s not such a good deal.

Don’t think of your agent as a salesperson

Consider them your own personal shopper. You still need human expertise. You still need/want the personal touch of someone who is considering your wants and needs and budget and lifestyle. You still need someone looking out for your best interests, and (no surprise here) it’s probably not the person behind the virtual marketing of a home.


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