When Do You Get the Keys to Your New Orleans Home?

The Closing Process

I know a lot of agents and brokers in other states where the closing process is quite different from Louisiana. In California, the buyers and sellers rarely even meet each other. They sign their documents separately and once the sale is recorded, then the house is officially sold and keys are dropped off by the agent.

Not so in New Orleans.

It’s a family affair here. Buyers and sellers are together at the closing table while signing all of the sale documents. The most exciting part of the closing is when the buyers are presented the keys to their new home right then and there.

The Closing Process | Happy Crescent City Living clients

Reminder for sellers

Once the act of sale is complete, the house is no longer yours. Be sure you have moved all of your belongings out prior to the closing unless you’ve made other arrangements (in writing!) with the new owners.


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