New Orleans Winter Home Prep Tips

winter home prep in new orleans


Yeah, I know. We don’t have “real” winters here in the Crescent City. We’d have to go back to 2008 to remember the last snowfall (but it was pretty darned cool, right?). That doesn’t mean there aren’t things that homeowners need to do for New Orleans winter home prep.

Clean the gutters

When the oaks start losing their leaves, they can quickly clog up your gutters. The result? Water can’t drain and will invariably find a way into your house, causing hidden damage.

Have your heating system serviced

That doesn’t mean just turn on the heat and wait for that awful we-haven’t-used-this-thing-since-February smell to go away. Call your favorite HVAC person and have them check the furnace before you need it. Cracked heating chambers can be dangerous and you don’t want to make that discovery on the same day we have a freeze warning.

Dodge drafts

Leaky windows and doors not only let drafty, cold air in…they let your warm air out. Didn’t your dad tell you “I’m not paying to cool/heat the whole neighborhood”?

Wrap exposed pipes

While old rags and duct tape can do the trick, there are insulated pipe covers at your local hardware or home improvement store that do the job very well and look 1000% better.

Bonus tip

Seed your lawn with winter rye and you’ll have green grass right up until spring. Of course, that means you’ll need to cut grass through the winter, but at least not as often as during the hot summer months. And? You’ll have the best looking lawn on the block for months. Take that, garden of the month neighbor.


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