Isn’t Anyone Number 2?

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Choosing a New Orleans REALTOR

We’re #1!! That’s what you’ll generally find in real estate agent advertising when you start looking for a New Orleans REALTOR to help you buy or sell.

We’re #1 in homes sold

We’re #1 in the number of agents in our office

We’re #1 in the time it takes us to sell your home

We’re #1 in the prices we get for our sellers

We’re #1 in the prices we get for our buyers

We’re #1 in our mama’s heart

Isn’t anyone #2?

Truthfully, we could take the statistics and make them say just about anything we want them to say.

We’re #1 in brokerages with 13 agents

We’re #1 in the prices we get for sellers that listen to our advice

We’re #1 in the rental market for boutique brokerages

and of course…

We’re #1 in our mama’s heart

lies and statistics

So, how do you choose a New Orleans REALTOR?

When you can’t trust the statistics, it’s time to go with your gut.

Talk to several different agents. How quickly do they call you back? Are they listening to your needs or just giving you their “we’re #1” spiel? Do you feel comfortable with them? Do you think they are trustworthy?

Here’s the thing…

At the end of the day, you’re trusting someone with what’s likely your most expensive investment. It should be someone who is not just proficient in real estate sales, but also a person that you know is acting in your best interests. The statistics rarely have anything to do with that.


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