Mistakes That Cost You Money When Selling Your Home | #7 Extreme Color Choices

Home selling color choices - New Orleans real estate

Home Selling Color Choices

We’ve talked before about being bold in your New Orleans home color choices. Opting for a mix of eye catching colors on the exterior of your home can be an attention grabber in the best possible way.

But using some of those same colors on the interior can slow down your attempts to sell your house.

An outside-of-the-box color scheme is not necessarily a bad thing. But when it moves from different to difficult to deal with, it could be a turn off to potential buyers.

We’ve seen bedrooms in colors ranging from neon pink to black. If your color choices are better suited for a toddler or an angst-ridden teen, it might be in your best interests to take the plunge and repaint to a more neutral color.

Neutral doesn’t have to equal boring, though, so don’t paint any of your walls white (unless that’s your predominant color scheme already). Ask your paint professional to help you choose a popular color. They will know the best sellers, which fits nicely into the description you want of your home.





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