Will Changing REALTORS Make Your Home Sell Faster?

changing realtors



“We’re going to try someone new” or “We’ve decided to go in a different direction” are both phrases that strike dread into the heart of a REALTOR. After all, when we list a property, it’s with the intention of getting it sold. So, when that doesn’t happen, we’re almost as disappointed as the seller.

Will changing REALTORS get your home sold faster?

Like just about everything else in life….it depends.

Are you changing agents to get better marketing?

That’s a completely valid reason. If your agent thinks a marketing plan is to stick a sign in the front yard and wait, then yes, you should probably find a new person to represent you.

Are you changing because you’ve had multiple showings but no offers?

Then the problem is likely not your agent – it’s either the condition or the price of your property. Both of those require a conversation about the market in your neighborhood and whether you are competitively priced.

Are you changing because of a lack of communication by your agent?

Again, a valid reason. Poor communication is one of the biggest complaints most people have about real estate agents. If you have trouble getting in touch, getting returns calls/texts/emails, or feel like you’re pulling teeth to get information from your agent, then it’s time for a change.

Are you willing to let a new agent lower price when you’ve told your existing agent no way?

Sellers will often lower the price on the advice of a new agent – which was the exact same advice their old agent gave them. If you’re willing to do a price reduction, give your existing agent a chance to get it sold at that new price.



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