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NOLA Bound

This city is home to some passionate people. People who are passionate enough to want to attract other passionate people and prove to them that New Orleans is more than Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. More than a news still with flood waters. More than the “big easy”.

To that end, NOLA Bound was created to bring 25 bright, creative entrepreneurs from around the country for a 5 day visit. The visit highlighted the advances the city has made and the opportunities that abound for start ups in the arts, media, biotech, film, public health and sustainable resource industries.

Their visit was documented by locals, including the fantastic producer/director Crista Rock, and compiled into a just short of an hour recap. It gave me goosebumps to see the changes in attitudes from some of the participants. Knowing that they would return to their home towns with a new appreciation for NOLA and an improved outlook on the viability of becoming a resident of our city? Priceless.

See the full documentary here.

I’m hopeful that this kind of exposure will encourage more people to become NOLA bound.

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