Algiers New Orleans Neighborhood

Sitting on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, Algiers is more suburban than many other New Orleans neighborhoods. Divided into 3 sections (Algiers, Algiers Point, and the Lower Coast), it’s one of the biggest parts of the city in the geographic area that it covers.

Algiers New Orleans

Algiers New Orleans Neighborhood

Walkability is limited outside of the Point, but there are bike paths along the major roads throughout Algiers and along the levee.

That said, residents don’t choose Algiers for walkability. They opt for larger yards, off street parking, the community of true subdivisions, and the tree lined streets (potholes included free of charge).

Outside of Algiers Point, which is filled with historic homes, Algiers is home to a broad selection of architecture. There are the raised cottages of Huntlee Village, the post WWII ranchers of Aurora, and what were called “executive homes” in the 1970s that you’ll find in Tall Timbers and Park Timbers. This is where you’ll find those more traditional single and 2 story homes, complete with fenced yards and garages.

What residents like about Algiers

  • It’s a close knit community where you know your neighbors
  • Sunsets on the levee
  • Listening to the sounds of the calliope and the tugboat whistles on the river
  • Levee biking and walking path
  • Neighborhood bars
  • It’s close to everything you need, from WalMart to the French Quarter to downtown

Neighborhood Niceties and Necessities

Supermarkets – choose from Rouse’s, Winn Dixie, and WalMart

Drug stores – Walgreens, CVS, Carr Drugs

Convenience stores

Public libraries – one in Algiers, one in Algiers Point

Plenty of fast food options plus some local restaurants we love like DiMartino’s and Olive Branch Cafe

Fitness centers

Swim and tennis clubs with open membership at Aurora and Park Timbers

Brechtel Park

You may like one of these Algiers subdivisions

Algiers Homes for Sale

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