New Orleans Energy Costs – Level Billing Helps Ease the Burden

As hot as it’s been this summer, with several days of 100+ temperatures and heat indexes, there are a lot of people cringing at the thought of what their next electric bill will be, since New Orleans energy costs can pack a punch when the air conditioning rarely shuts off.

Our hot and humid climate can certainly lead to sticker shock during a summer heat wave, but there’s a way for home owners to smooth out the ups and downs of monthly energy costs.

new orleans energy costs

Once you’ve been billed for 12 consecutive months of service, Entergy offers a level billing program that calculates a rolling year average of use and bills you for that average each month. While it takes away those lovely, low winter time expenses it also keeps you from having to choose between vacation and air conditioning during the summer.

Level billing details from Entergy

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