Dashing Through Home Showings

hide your dash button during home showings

Hide Your Dash Button – Home Selling Advice

Those little dash buttons from Amazon are tres, tres cool. How easy is it to just hit a button when you need to reorder your favorite soap, dog biscuits, or snack foods? They show up on the porch a couple of days later and it took you all of a nanosecond to arrange the order and delivery. What could go wrong, right?

Hide Your Dash Button When Selling Your Home

Typically, people have their dash button hanging on the fridge. It’s less likely to get lost or pressed accidentally when it’s in a place where you have to make a conscious decision to use it.

But…it’s also still kind of a novelty.

True story: A friend of ours had her button on her apartment refrigerator. One day, she had to call for maintenance. The repair guys came through, fixed her problem, and she assumed that was the end of it. Until she received an email letting her know that her order for 10 boxes of dog bones was being shipped. Knowing she hadn’t ordered them, she did a little digging and backtracked to realize that the maintenance guys must have seen the button and pressed it. And pressed it again. And again. You get the point.

While her place wasn’t for sale, it certainly made us take notice of the perils of strangers coming through a home. Just when we think that we’ve come with all of the things that can happen when your house is for sale, something new arrives on the scene.

The moral of the story? Hide your dash button when selling your home. Unless you really need 10 boxes of dog bones, of course.




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