How to Pass Your Home Inspection

how to pass your home inspection

How to Pass Your Home Inspection in New Orleans

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in a home purchase is often the home inspection.

Buyers are all excited about finding a new home. Sellers are thrilled that they will be able to move soon.

Then the inspector comes in and spits out a laundry list of issues with the house. Some of them are minor things like dings and dents, but others can cause the buyers to either renegotiate the purchase price or ask for the items to be repaired.

Here’s our list of the most common home inspection issues in New Orleans

Dirty HVAC.  We see this noted on over 90% of inspection reports and we all know how important air conditioning is in New Orleans. Take the time to have your A/C person come out to clean and service the system before the inspection.

Open junction boxes with exposed wiring.  There must be some kind of plot by electricians to cut corners and not use junction boxes in attics, because this issue comes up all of the time. Take the time to go up in your attic and look around before the inspector does.

No GFCI outlets in areas near water. Code requires that any outlet within 5 feet of a water source be a GFCI (ground fault current interruptor) outlet. It’s an inexpensive and easy fix and will be one less line item on the report.

No drip pans under the hot water heater. Common sense says that if your hot water heater starts leaking, especially if it’s in the attic, you’ll need a drip pan to catch the water.

Hot water heater and/or heating system improperly vented to exterior. When the vent for your hot water heater in installed, be sure that it actually vents to the outside, not the attic, where condensation can cause mold to grow. We also see lots of heater vents that are touching the wood in the attic, creating a fire hazard.

Trash under raised homes. A magnet for critters, it doesn’t take much to have someone clear out under the house.

As a reminder, you should have any plumbing or electrical repairs done by a licensed professional.


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  1. Joanne Vroom says:

    Great post! Here in Montreal each building inspection has to be shown to anyone who is interested in purchasing the property. It becomes a game. Each buyer wants to use their inspection to help drive down the price even if there already were 3 other inspections. Of course it is everyone’s right and we need to protect ourselves. Some purchasers are asking for major reductions for some of the smallest things. Anything to save a buck!

  2. Judy Wilson says:

    Thanks for these tips for passing a home inspection. I need to sell my home really soon, so this list will tell me what kind of preparations I need to make so that I can find a seller. Checking if there are open junction boxes with exposed wiring is something I need to get done soon. I’m pretty sure that I have this issue in my attic, so I’ll have it fixed before my first home inspection.

  3. Andre says:

    Thank you for the information, makes sense to check on these systems and structures before the inspection instead of giving the Buyer things to pick at. Also dig the living in NOLA section, great links, nice site!

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