Is Your Home Ready to Sell? A Quick Way to Find Out

Getting ready to sell your NOLA home

Is My Home Ready to Sell?

You get so used to seeing the things in and around your own house, that it usually takes an outsider to point out the little things that have become invisible to you. I often hear from home sellers that they are photo ready, but when I get there to take the pictures, there are lots of little things that need to be done. Begging the question, is my home ready to sell?

So, how do you know if your home is ready to sell?

Take a picture of every room as you finish decluttering and decorating. Don’t just rely on the preview on the camera. Take a minute to upload photos to your computer and take a close look at everything you see. I bet there’s at least one thing out of place that you didn’t notice. You are so used to the way your home looks that you don’t really even notice the details anymore.

I tested this theory in my own home and found that there are lots of little things hanging around in my den that I would not want to be memorialized in an internet photo spread. Things like a basket with old Rolling Stone magazines in it, a shelf with a few too many framed photos, a blanket that the dog uses when she curls up on the sofa. You get the idea.

So go. Take some pictures.

And then get rid of the distractions that could take a buyer’s attention away from what you want their focus to be. That’s how your house could be the right place for them.


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