Telling the Story of Your Home When Selling

telling the story of your home

We all have our favorite room in our homes. For me, it’s what we call the garden room. Originally an outdoor courtyard, it was closed in by the previous owners, giving us an extra large space for entertaining and a fabulous view of the backyard. It’s where we put the Christmas tree every year. It’s where all of the birthday, holiday, and just because parties are held. And it’s the biggest reason we chose to buy this house.

What’s the best part of your home?

The answer will be different for everyone. It could be the master bedroom that’s a complete retreat from reality. It might be the kitchen that you designed yourself and you love every inch of. It could even be the patio, decorated to make you feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into the backyard.

Whatever it is, when it’s time to sell your home, that’s the space that needs to be showcased. That’s the room that tells a story about the house that is different from everyone else’s.

telling the story of your home when selling

Before you put your home on the market

We’re really, really good at telling a story about a home. But we don’t live there. Share the best parts of your home with your agent so they can, in turn, share them with potential buyers. Tell us about the upgrades. The improvements. The funny story about the time the dog stole the Thanksgiving turkey off of the kitchen counter (or was that just in my family?). The hidden storage under the staircase. The custom closet installations. Whatever it is that makes your house so very special.

Give us your story and we’ll showcase the heck out of it.


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