Do I Need to Attend My Home Inspection?

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Once you’ve negotiated an accepted offer with a home seller, the next critical step in the process is the home inspection.

In many states, home inspectors just go into a property and perform the inspection without the presence of a buyer or their agent.

In New Orleans, however, an agent is always present during the inspection in order to allow the inspectors to access the property and to secure it again when they are complete.

As a buyer, do I need to attend the inspections?

We recommend that, if at all possible, you at least show up at the end of the inspections. This will be your opportunity to meet the inspector and review any major items they may have uncovered. Getting information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, allows you to negotiate needed repairs with the knowledge that you know exactly what you are requesting from a seller.

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What if I can’t be there?

If you can’t attend, your agent will be there on your behalf and will provide you with contact information for the inspector in the event you have questions about their findings.


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  1. Judy Wilson says:

    I’ve scheduled a home inspection that I was planning on attending, until I got a call last night for an event on the same day that I can’t miss. I was worried that I would have to reschedule the inspection late notice before reading this post. I’m relieved to find out that an agent can sow up on my behalf. That way I can be filled in on any findings at the inspection.

  2. I think it’s wise to be present for the inspection because it will provide a lot of valuable information for you as a home-owner. You may also be able to provide some form of assistance to the inspector by knowing unique features of the home. If you’re serious about buying or selling, you will want to hear from the inspector what must be done to repair the home.

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