Appraisals: Home Buyers Have a Right to a Copy

home appraisals for new orleans real estate

Home Appraisals: Rights for New Orleans Home Buyers

Rule changes for lenders require that they provide a copy of home appraisals to all customers without the buyer having to request that information.

You’ve always been entitled to a copy of the report that you pay for, but most lenders don’t make a practice of providing it unless you ask.

Since you are the one paying for the appraisal, it’s always a good idea to ask your lender to send you a copy as soon as it has been received if they don’t provide it automatically. By law, they cannot charge you for that copy!

What do I do with the appraisal?

Put it with your other important papers. Should you decide to sell later on down the road, your agent will ask for a lot of information that is contained in the report.


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