The Golden Rules for New Orleans Home Selling

New Orleans home selling

New Orleans Home Selling

Do you want to be a rock star when selling your New Orleans home? Then we’ve got some golden rules for you to follow.

You already know you need to price it right, prepare for showings, and hire an agent that can negotiate like a boss.

But there are some other things that will make the new owner’s life a little easier. And? They will all give you good karma for your next home purchase.

When you move out….

Leave the house more than broom clean. The last thing a new owner wants to do when they open the door for the first time is to break out the bleach and mop. Consider having a cleaning service make a sweep through the house after the movers have departed.

Have some grace in utility transfers. If you are closing on a Friday afternoon, the buyers may not have time to get to the water company to turn on their new service. Notify the utility companies to cancel your service a couple of days after the closing.

Leave the lights on. Replace any burned out light bulbs before you vacate. Bonus karma points for using energy efficient bulbs.

Have the grass cut and the flower beds weeded. First time home buyers may not even own a lawn mower yet, so leaving them with an overgrown yard is bad form.

Don’t leave paint or other chemicals unless you’ve asked if the buyer wants it. Their plans may include a little makeover, so those half filled paint cans from the last time you changed the bathroom color are of no use to anyone that hasn’t indicated they would be welcomed.

Have all trash hauled off before the closing. Part of moving includes getting rid of stuff. When you’ve exhausted what can be sold or donated, there are always random things left behind for the trash man. No one wants to come home to their new place to be greeted with a mountain of debris on the curb, so plan ahead for a pick up.

Leave some stamped and self addressed envelopes behind. That way the new owners can forward any stray mail that shows up for you after the closing.

Provide a list of contact names and numbers. The lawn guy, pool service, termite company, and next door neighbor are all a good place to start.

Did the previous owner of your home do something extraordinary to welcome you? Share it in the comments!


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