Moving advice: Keep it clean

Clean it up before you move

Moving Advice

It seems that lately there have been more and more conflicts between home buyers and home sellers on the day of the closing. Much of this is due to the condition of the property after the seller has moved out, so we thought we’d give a bit of much needed moving advice.

In an attempt to stem off delayed closings or the need to spend additional money in concessions, here is our list of things to remember when you are leaving the New Orleans home you’re selling.

  • All agreed upon repairs should be completed. If part of your sale negotiations included making repairs, they should be completed by 5 days prior to the act of sale. If not, the buyer may just delay the closing or ask for a cash allowance to have them finished.
  • The house should be clean, including floors, carpets and appliances. Seriously, would you want to move into a home with someone else’s dirt left behind?
  • No pets should be left behind. Sadly, we’ve seen this happen. We’ve also seen sellers leave the pets while moving and not clean up behind them. UGH. Don’t be that person.
  • No moving damages. If something gets damaged during the move, take care of it. The purchase agreement states that the house will be in the same or better condition than it was when the offer was made. Again, this has the potential for delaying your closing.
  • Leave the extra paint for touchups by new owners.

We are big believers in karma, so don’t bring any bad juju with you to your next home purchase!

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