New Orleans Home Selling and Appraisals

new orleans home appraisal

New Orleans Home Appraisal

No one ever wants to feel like they didn’t get the best price possible for their home, so after almost every New Orleans home appraisal we hear “when do we find out what the house appraised for?”

The truth is that, as the seller, the appraisal does not belong to you. It’s been paid for by the purchaser and it considered a confidential document held by the buyer and their mortgage company.

Usually, if the seller finds out what a home appraised for, it’s because the value is less than the purchase price and the buyer is asking for a reduction in the purchase price.

Sellers, however, can’t go back after the fact and asking a buyer to pay more if the appraised value is higher than the contracted sale price, so it’s important to do your negotiating up front.




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