New Orleans Home Selling Starts at the Front Door

new orleans home selling

New Orleans Home Selling

Preparing to sell your New Orleans home starts right at the front door since that’s the first thing that buyers will see. While their agent is opening the lockbox and unlocking the door, their eyes will be roaming everywhere. Up, down and side to side, you can bet that they won’t miss a thing, so neither should you.

Clean and/or paint the front door

There’s not much that’s more welcoming than a bright and freshly painted front door. While we caution not choosing really personal colors for interior walls, the front door is a small enough space that you can throw caution to the wind and pick something vibrant that complements your exterior color scheme. We’ve seen bright yellows and reds used very well, along with oranges, purples and greens.

Staging isn’t just for the interior

If you have a front porch, show it off! Make sure it’s spic and span, the furniture is clean and the flowers are fresh.

Don’t forget the soffit and fascia

Touch up the paint if needed or pressure wash the dirt and grime away. Sparkling is the word that we want to come to mind for a buyer.

Be sure the doorbell works

Finding something broken before they even get in the front door is a big buyer turnoff. Make sure the doorbell works and if there’s a knocker, polish it up and make it shine.

Spruce up the landscaping

Selling during the spring? It’s the best time of year for your garden to be at its best, so add some color, some fresh mulch and ditch the weeds.



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